Street Scenes 2020 Ad Book Options

Fri, Feb 7 - Sat, Feb 8
Ad Choice-Platinum Color $2500.00
Ad Choice-Gold Color $2000.00
Ad Choice-Silver Color $1500.00
Ad Choice-Bronze Color $1250.00
Ad Choice-Full Page B/W $1000.00
Ad Choice-1/2 Page B/W $500.00
Ad Choice-1/4 Page B/W $250.00
Ad Choice-Business Card Size B/W $175.00
Tribute Choice-Corsair Ad $90.00
Tribute Choice-1/2 Page B/W $500.00
Tribute Choice-1/4 Page B/W $250.00
Add-On-Ticket Sponsor $600.00
Add-On-TShirt Sponsor $700.00
Add-On-Monitor Both Nights $600.00
Extra Index Listing Option$100.00

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