PAF Reading Program Virtual Workshop

Mon, Jul 8 - Thu, Jul 11 9:00AM
This four-day virtual workshop (9:00am-12:30pm daily) focuses on multisensory techniques for teaching reading, spelling, and handwriting in the primary grades using the PAF Reading Program. PAF incorporates the theory and practices of Orton-Gillingham instruction into an early reading program intended to be used with groups of children at-risk for reading difficulties. PAF can also be used remedially for struggling readers, for tutoring, or as an effective beginning reading program for all children.

Topics will include instructional practices supported by the latest research on developing accurate decoding and fluent reading, comprehension, lesson planning, and curriculum-based assessments.

* We are able to offer this subsidized rate thanks to the generosity of the Shefa Center supporters. Availability at this rate is limited.

Multisensory Math Virtual Workshop

Mon, Jul 8 9:00AM
This three-day virtual workshop (9:00am-1:00pm daily) will provide concrete strategies for making math accessible to all learners. Using a math program developed by language and math specialist Marilyn Zecher, Shefa’s math program applies Orton-Gillingham multisensory instructional strategies to mathematics. Learn effective methods for teaching math concepts and explicit instructional language to support understanding and retention. Concepts from lower and middle school will be modeled with special emphasis on skills taught in K-5, including numeracy, place value, basic operations, multiplication and division, fractions, and decimals.

Advanced Decoding Skills: Teaching Multisyllable Words

Mon, Jul 15 9:00AM
This 2-hour workshop (9am-11am) will focus on the six syllable types and syllabication strategies critical for students encountering new words and vocabulary.

Introducing Long Vowels, Homonyms, and Spelling Rules

Wed, Jul 17 9:00AM
This 2-hour (9am-11am) workshop will focus on the introduction of skills after students have mastered the alphabetic phase, such as long vowels, homonyms, suffixing, and spelling rules.

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